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1 Leads ™ is the only LEADS Company that GUARANTEES their Live Leads.

Every industry has different response ratios but if you contact us we will tell you the GUARANTEED LEADS RATIO that our company can generate in your Industry in your Market.

How can we do that?

Easy, we have been generating LEADS for over 40 years in business and over 25 years on-line through companies owned and operated by our parent company.

We have business portals for almost every major industry there is and with clients on these portals WE KNOW OUR RATIOS.

Our professional staff will tell you exactly what to expect from our work IN YOUR MARKET in YOUR INDUSTRY.

We have month to month Contracts

This is our GUARANTEE

In our Industry long term contracts are the norm

The average lead ratios are under 5%

We routinely deliver 50% plus in most industries

If we don’t, you can cancel your ads after only 1 month!

If you own a business you understand SALES LEADS are the life blood of all companies.

How do you go about generating LIVE SALES LEADS or EXCLUSIVE LEADS?

1 LEADS ™ is a EXCLUSIVE LIVE LEADS generation company that operates hundreds of keyword business portals that are targeted to the top industries and professions.

We have business portals about Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate, Insurance, Auto Industry, Trades Industry and the Insurance Industry.

Our Business Portals contain HIGH RESPONSE CONTENT that makes readers of our sites RESPOND with both phone calls and email responses.

Companies have wasted thousands of dollars and even millions in the case of major companies on what can only be called LOW RESPONSE CONTENT that generates less than 5% responses from the viewers.

The websites operated on the 1 LEADS NETWORK generate 50% to over 75% lead ratios due to our content is designed by the TOP INTERNET MARKETING content creators there are.

Using LIVE EXCLUSIVE LEADS from 1 LEADS ™ allows your company to focus on what you do best, that is provide the goods and services and profession that PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR EVERYDAY.

If you tried PPC Ads you know how bad your response ratios are, yet if 1 LEADS manages a PPC budget or your company using OUR PROVEN HIGH RESPONSE CONTENT you will see huge response ratios that average from 50% to over 75% for ever click you buy.

These are some of our industry response ratio averages.

General Trades Industry 50%+

General Auto Industry 50%+

Rims Industry 75%+

Legal Industry 50%+

Medical Industry 50%+

Towing Industry 75%+

We can PROVE THESE RATIOS ARE REAL by you trying our LEAD SERVICE. Within a week you will see the results, you will see X Clicks and Y Calls or eMails and Z your RESPONSE RATIO.

We actually GUARANTEE OUR RESPONSE RATIOS in many industries. If we don’t get our clients the RESPONSE RATIOS we GUARANTEE with NO CONTRACTS so you can stop your ads.

If we say we can hit 50% we will or you can cancel our service in only 1 Month.

We are THE ONLY LEADS COMPANY with this GUARANTEE since we are simply THE #1 LEADS COMPANY in the world.





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