Lead Sheets

Lead Sheets are how a Sales Manager assists a Sales Rep in closing deals with new clients.

A territory can evolve into hundreds of clients over several years on our network of 300+ sites.

While some Industries will not support a client spending thousands of dollars a month on Google ads, many will.

Our SEM management services are sold at 60% value of a clients monthly Google Budget. So a client who spends $100 a day only 5 days a week spends $500 a week or approximately $2000 a month. In some industries like Injury Law and Insurance the budget can be much more than $100 a day.

If a sales rep looks at a territory as the potential to have hundreds of businesses in a market  spending on average $2000 to $4000 per month with Google, then the Budget of a territory can easily be $200,000 to $400,000 a month. 

A 10% residual means a sales rep can earn $20k to $40k a month in residual income. Thats with only 100 clients in a territory.

A territory could do three to four times that example.

Our territories range from major metro areas, the largest cities in the USA to smaller states.

In all, we see a realistic goal of 100 territories just in the USA with the ability to grow globally into many more.

Currently we can support English speaking markets but we have management staff fluent in many major languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as Spanish.

We live in a Global economic world and we intend to grow globally.

A sales rep can easily create CSV, files of a industry niche in a market at Sales Genie. They just need to use the customize data setting at Sales Genie to download a file into the column format we use.

There are less than 10 columns of data we need with a few update columns a rep fills out thru the week.

We need disposition of a TM call, date of call and sales notes on what happened 

Most calls the owner is not available, we only fo us on owners or CEOs since managers usually cannot commit in a 1 step close to committing to spending $2-$10k a month in Google marketing.

We do not target chains, we target small businesses in 1 to a few markets at most, who are usually the top 5% of their industry in their market.

They have already figured out how to scale in their market and need to maximize the ROI in their online marketing.

Many clients will run ads in other media such as TV or Radio and local print and Billboards. Google is just online marketing or IM (Internet Marketing).

Injury Lawyers and Roofers are both big local advertisers.

Roofers have a short window to recoup ad money. It is werks to a few months to sell a roof and install it. Whereas, an Injury Lawyer takes years to settle a case. Less than 5% of Law Firms have the financial power to pay Google and us for years while new cases come to settlement. Just like only roofers with fleets of crews doing jobs can afford larger Google Budgets. Sales Genie allows you to download sales volume of a client and number of employees. 

In the end, having this data allows both the sales rep and their sales manager to focus on larger businesses in your market that can afford our valuable services.

A sales rep should prepare each week over the weekend creating a new Sales Genie Sales Sheet for that week. It takes a few hours,  but it sets up your whole week.

How long a rep does TM in their market that week depends on that rep. Some market full time, others PT. As long as a rep produces at least one new client a week, we consider that sales rep is maintaining their territory.

A territory has huge residual income potential. It can take one to three years to reach a major residual income.

In larger markets, the monthly rates will be substantially over the fees shown on our site. The client pays an overage any month they go over the typical budget we advertise. 

In many industries $10-$20k monthly Google Budgets are normal.

We charge 50% monthly to manage a SEM PPC Budget. So the publicized monthly fees just cover so much cost in PPC.  Each month a client who goes over Budget pays their overage fees. This is part of a sales rep residual income. Reps earn their 10% on overage as well as standard fees.

Sales is the key to our company. However, the work to obtain new clients is usually no more than a few days when a rep is actively looking for a company in that niche in their market. A substantial amount of income goes to IT staff to support a new client, in particular the staff that manage Google Ad accounts. Network staff to admin hundreds of EMD assets and content developers who work on keeping sites fresh and social media engaged for our network.

Each client not only benefits from a fractional use of our IP assets, they enjoy shared content like HD Videos and a team of IT professionals.

Its literally 7-10 JT professionals that support each client. 

Sales is one unit, then content creators and designers, UX and UI staff to make a clients network page(s) work, a SEM guru and SEO guru as well as a SMM guru and a HD Video Producer and Editor.


Sales Managers


IT staff 

It takes a large team of marketing and IT professionals to make kur business model work.

Sales Sheets are a major way a Sales Rep is successful within our organization.


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