Sales Job Duties


Sales Reps are given a protected territory at 1 Media and the quota of new clients is a minimum of 1 sale per week.

A strong closer can do much more.

If a rep fails to meet their quota, they will get a warning they are in jeopardy of losing the right to sell our services to new clients.

Sales reps are independent contractors who are all 1099 workers. They receive 100% of what they earn.

The services we provide are billed monthly to clients. Sales reps earn their residual each month from income their clients pay our company to use our network.

Sales reps earn a high commission from setup fees to join our network.

A sales tool is a chop in this fee to entice clients to join TODAY.

If a setup fee is waived by management in a followup call, then the territory rep earns a higher than normal commission on the first months service fee.

The service sells itself, but we only sell 1o 1 client in each market in each industry. So we have a legitimate urgency issue if a rep fails to close a potential client TODAY.

Tomorrow, the spot on our network for that industry may be gone. So it’s buy today since tomorrow the opportunity is gone.

A motivated client responds well to setup fee chops.

Our fee to do all the tech work to bring a new client on our network is $5000.

Reps can chop 10%, 20, 25, 50 and even 75%.

The more a sales rep chops the less they make.

Your manager might offer a client you failed to close 100% off a setup fee, as long as a client pays their first month which is $1000 to $2000 a month.

Normally, a rep only gets 10% of a monthly fee. But when there’s no setup fee, we give the rep a much higher rate for bringing in a new client.

Each week, a rep is told by management the industry we are looking to add a client in, in that territory.

It might be insurance, or legal. Oe other industries we service.

We have many portals in our 10 core industries.


Insurance has 5 niches.

Life, Home, Health, etc.

Then we own an EMD like Life Insurance as well as Insurance Quote . 5 TLDs such as .autos or .health.

So 5 niches become 10 clients.

Then we operate Geo Portals such as 1 Miami, so each Geo can have 5 more Insurance niches such as Geo/LifeInsurance, or Geo/HealthInsurance.

So a rep can sell 15 different accounts in just Insurance in a market.

Each niche is a industry keyword EMD.

EMDs are Exact Match Domains.

An EMD can get page one organic SEO positions, but the top spots on Google are the top 3-5 PPC ads on a mobile device.

EMDs get up to a 10% CTR, compared to non-EMDs getting as low as 1%.

So Google prefers to show EMDs over non-EMDs and our gurus can get 50% or higher discounts for our clients

We also average 50% and higher lead ratios from clicks by buying Click to Call ads.

Its hard to get Google to approve C2C ads since they can stop traffic. But we do get them approved almost 100% of the time.

Once an owner sees our EMDs on top of Google for organic and PPC ads, they realize, we can put them on top of Google.

Then its making them understand, there’s only 1 spot in their market for what they do. So time is of the essence.

A rep is expected to obtain leads from Sales Genie, a key tool most B2B reps use.

With SG, a rep can obtain the industry leads in the market they target and download the leads to match the format we use in our reports

Reps work with a manager daily in regards to updating the manager on the leads for that industry in their market that week.

This allows the manager to followup deals the rep did not close and often the manager can close the reps deals.

The deal belongs to the sales rep even if a manager closes it.

Reps earn a high percentage of the setup fees to join our network.

If a setup is waived, that triggers a higher than normal commission from the first month service fee.

Each month a rep earns residual commissions when their accounts renew theiir monthly service agreement.

If a rep loses the right to sell within their territory for not making their monthly sales quota, they no longer earn residual commissions.


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